APRA Foundation for Multi-Diciplinarity

Adrian Piper founded the Adrian Piper Research Archive (APRA) in 2002, after being diagnosed with a progressive, incurable and fatal medical condition. Although the condition had vanished within two years after her move to Germany in 2005, Piper decided to continue developing APRA as a personal and public resource. APRA comprises

1. the archive housing Piper's art work, correspondence, manuscripts, documents, family photo and letters archive; book, catalogue and articles library; video and sound work library; reproductions library; Vedic and Western philosophy library, art library, fiction and poetry library, music collection, video collection; artwork inventory, text inventory; and, eventually, preserved personal living and working space, furnishings, and personal possessions exactly as she designed, built, arranged and/or used them;

2. the web site located at www.adrianpiper.com, offering professional and biographical information about Piper's life and work.